Mobile Phone / Tablet repair freelancer

you know whats weird? we had a MEETING and talked about how brilliant you would be. but you were not there... - anyway,  you are a Freelancer/Self Employed and looking to expand you're business. well stop advertising on facebook trying to soak up a few jobs and come work alongside us. our skills would compliment each other like you WOULDN'T believe. - time to take off those blinkers and expand you're HORIZONS by moving you're workstation into our premises, hey bring you're existing customers along, we wont mind.

It's a leap of faith working with people you don't know or see as the competition, we get that. The thing is we have other fish to fry so tablet and phone repairs are not in our sphere. But having you along can only benefit us both don't you think..? Okay, last thing, Man/Woman/Working from home or Mobile, whichever you are we just want you to care about doing good repairs.Worried about money? Its you're call, take payments yourself, we do have a card machine you can use (you'll have you're money BACS over to you're account once it clears) and our premises are insured, and warm, oh and we LOVE Coffee (we do good Coffee). There is plentiful parking and lockable storage for all you're tools and parts. Jeez, we are good to you and we haven't even met yet...

apprentice P/A

being a p/a here is one of the most trusted jobs possible. you'll essentially have the 'keys to the castle' (passwords, usernames, debit cards). this is a role that requires total confidentiality, a strong and loyal personality type is essential.

Ever seen the film the "devil wears prada" well there is no devil here, we are all on the same team, just you are on the front line. Literally you are the link that hold the whole business together, keen on you being a Dog Lover and wanting to keep a Chihuahua safe overnight when required. Will be asked to sign Official Secrets Act at some point during you're employment. 

The training and experience you will get with us will open the door to a High Level PA job in you're future. We expect commitment tho, three years before you even think of leaving okay? with our Business and Military customer base a wealth of networking opportunities awaits you.

Age and previous experience is irreverent. You need to be well presented at all times, well spoken, articulate and dedicated to We Love Technology!

apprentice website designer

you ARE a highly creative person, comfortable with both pc and mac - YOU'VE built a few websites for friends or family, you're highly organised, self SUFFICIENT and have the drive to build WEB PAGES that are going to win us all awards and accolades.

Dont panic! We are going to give you 1-2-1 training on you're systems. All we want is for you're Creativity to blossom and build some of the most eye catching, exciting and beautiful websites ever. We need a Strong yet Creative Designer. You're going to meet clients, you'll have Coffee with them, no hiding behind a computer screen here!




rules is rules

1. dont apply for a job with us expecting a £45,000 salary with benefits because you think we are desperate to have you ON-BOARD.
2. email us a bang-upto-date colour photo - we have seen dating sites, we know YOU're good at hiding who you really are - fat/thin/tall/small DOESN'T matter to us, just dont hide you're true self. we are a military contractor so they like to have photos of all our staff)
3. we do not have any robot jobs here (did you see that at the top of the page). a robot job is where you go to work and perform a repetitive task. we are 100% team-players, everyone will muck-in with all tasks, for example emptying the bins (without being asked to do so), CLEANING the toilet, making coffee, cleaning motorcycles, front of house meet and greet clients, helping with moving STUFF, RUNNING errands, working out of hours, WALKING the dog (the boss has a chihuahua, damn cute it is too), working long hours, working bank holidays
4. if you have a criminal record, we can not get you past security checks, we are a military contractor. you'll never get onto a military/gov/airport sites therefore cant offer you a job.
5. a clear understanding of confidentiality. you will be expected to sign the official secrets act at some point during you'er employment with us.
6 We will only reply by phone or email to SUCCESSFUL Candidates

Okay enough rules. Email us..! (buttons on the top right of the site, Subject line should be the job you want)

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